Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Course assignment and final session 9.12

Just in case you want to start preparing:

Culture as Production: final session and course assignment.

9.12 we'll have the final session. Here is a description of how to prepare yourselves:

1. Form groups of 2 - 5 people interested in same topics, themes, thinkers.

2. Choose a thinker (Debord, Benjamin, De Certeau, Virno, Vähämäki etc.) - or take two thinkers and compare their ideas on a topic - or choose a topic or theme and see who has said something relevant. Also find at least one relevant text to work on - a chapter, an article, a meaningful excerpt. Use the list of literature and references in the blog; consult me if you cannot find what you need. Read the text!

3. Discuss the text/thinker/theme(s).
Possible topics, themes, questions for discussion:
a. What is culture? What is the significance of culture? Whose culture?
b. For instance: compare Debord's and De Certeau's ideas on consumption. Or Debord and Baudrillard on spectacle/ simulation. Or the role and meaning of masses in Benjamin – de Certeau - Virno
c. What texts, themes, topics find an echo in your experience? How? 
d. You can also define a good question, topic, theme - give some arguments why it is relevant, discuss it.

4. Somebody please remember to keep notes! You can discuss in Finnish or English, but please prepare a report/presentation/sum-up of your discussion in English so we can all share. You don't need to make power-points or a written report, but we need to understand what you have been discussing.
Remember also: there are no stupid questions or view-points, this is not about who is right or wrong. This is about what you find in the material.

5. And 9.12 we’ll hear what you found and discussed, and talk about the texts and the course together.

In general: please come and ask me if you need something!

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